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The next generation of PrometheanFX has gone gold! Please seePrometheanFX Editor for more information.


PrometheanFX v2 Composite currently scheduled to be released Q3 of 2007.


Promethean FX Editor


The PrometheanFX Editor frees you to create stunning visual effects, the way you want! Features an easy to use interface that can be streamlined to match your workflow, event-based effects, an advanced curvable property system, multiple render cameras, shaders, etc. Best of all, effects created with the editor are usable across all supported platforms (Windows, Macintosh, and Linux) in the growing line of PrometheanFX products!


Promethean FX SDK (Software Development Kit)


The PrometheanFX Software Development Kit enables you to integrate the PrometheanFX visual effects engine into your software package, providing you access to the wealth of visual effects content that can be created with the PrometheanFX Editor. The engine is standard C++ and runs on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux (consoles coming soon).

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